A simple safe and effective way to brighten your teeth with minimum treatment, when supervised by a dentist. It is suitable for most people who have stained or discoloured teeth, (over sixteen).

We can advise the most appropriate treatment for you, discuss options and if appropriate refer you for a cosmetic assessment.

After an examination and consultation with our dentist here, an impression is taken of your mouth and a tray is made for you to use at home. This will available for collection within 10 days along with the whitening gel which is normally carbamide peroxide.

You apply the gel to the trays as instructed and wear for 2 hours or overnight, whichever is most convenient. The amount of whitening varies with the individual. It will depend on the original tooth shade and your expectations should be realistic. Results are usually seen fairly quickly and in most cases treatment completed in 2 weeks. If you follow the instructions you will be delighted with the results!

Research shows that using peroxide to whiten teeth is safe.

The benefits are improved appearance, confidence and maybe a more youthful smile, portraying a healthy appearance. This treatment to whiten your teeth is simple, safe and fairly quick. The risk is the use of the gel for an extended period of time and long term effects are unknown. Temporary sensitivity can occur when whitening your teeth.