Private Dental Fees

All treatment plans are created for the individual needs of our patients and written estimates are provided. Your overall oral health is very important to us at Jenkins dental practice. Regular check ups and good home care are the basis for good dental health.


Item Price
New Patient Consultation
Includes x-rays and oral mouth cancer screening
Examination 40.00
Consultation only 28.00
Scale & polish / Advice with hygienistVisit52.00
Amalgam (silver) fillingsFrom58.00
Composite (tooth coloured) fillingsFrom58.00
Crowns / Veneers / BridgesFrom590.00
Recement crown 56.00
Root canal therapyFrom363.00
Extraction / Surgical treatmentFrom96.00
Cosmetic Consultation 77.00
Implant Consultation 77.00
Full set denturesFrom858.00
Partial plastic dentureFrom430.00
Partial metal dentureFrom697.00
Preventative treatmentFrom38.00