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Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics
10 May 2022

Did you know that we do facial aesthetic treatment…?

A smile is so much more than your teeth alone, which is why we offer Facial Aesthetic treatment here at Jenkins Dental Practice.

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What is facial aesthetics treatment?

When we express emotions, such as fear, worry, joy, sadness, or surprise we get dynamic wrinkles. You will notice them when you smile, laugh, frown, cry, or during moments of deep concentration.

Different muscles in the face tighten which can cause lines to appear, irrelevant of age. Facial aesthetics treatment is a non-surgical technique that temporarily softens these expression lines.

What facial aesthetics treatments do we provide at Jenkins Dental Practice?

We have a range of treatments that target these lines, helping you to smile with confidence and define certain facial features and contours.

What product do we use?

For anti-wrinkle treatment, we use Azzalure which contains a substance, botulinum toxin A, which causes muscles to relax. It does this by preventing the release of a chemical messenger, acetylcholine, between nerves and muscle to prevent prevents muscles from contracting.

How long does anti-wrinkle treatment last?

Treatment will start to work within 2-6 days but it’s optimal effect will be at 2 weeks. This effect will last for between 3-5 months. However, everyone is different and therefore these timings will vary.

Who provides the treatment?

Tracy Edwards provides facial aesthetic treatment at Jenkins Dental Practice. She loves to help her patients achieve the right look for them. She trained at the highly established Bob Khanna Training Institute and she is continually refreshing her knowledge in new techniques.

If you are interested, book a consultation with Tracy today to find out more about the treatments that we offer.

You can call us or you can click here to book appointments online.

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